Saturday, January 16, 2016

Not Peace, but a Sword

An astounding comment, via Ad Orientem:
Robert Paxton said...

I have been mostly a Catholic lurker here over the years. Through that time, I have mostly found Anti-Gnostic's viewpoints to be irritating. As time has passed, however, I have found myself agreeing with him on tactics if not on other things.

I will vote for Trump gladly because I do not want to fix the status quo. I want gotterdammerung. I want to stick it to all the nancy boys and pantsuits in office. Given the power to do so, I would drag them all out onto the street and tar and feather them, which is much better treatment than their muslim ingenues would give them in the same position.

I have sons. This distinguishes me from many of my peers, who either have no children, have daughters or have simply one son. I have multiple sons; one is already 18. I have seen the way that this society destroys young men. God forgive me, I have been a part of this dilemma.

There is nothing for these young men to win in present day American society without kowtowing to the hollow men. All I wish is for them to have a future that does not involve slavery of the most vile kind to a society that is as sick as ours. Nihilism may be portrayed as childish but I can only see hope for them in the complete destruction of the status quo and an opportunity to rebuild.

Some may say that I will regret it if something bad happens to my sons in the resulting chaos. What can I possibly hope for? That they may die fighting a foreign war for the Obushma establishment? That they can try to marry and lose their property and children in a no-fault divorce? That they can either suffer ignominious unemployment or seek a meaningless degree in an overrated college?

Men like me have already decided. There is no point in persuading us. You can question our motives all that you want. I unnerve liberal peers when I tell them: stop trying to reason with us. You presume that we want peace. We want war. We do not want to negotiate reform with you. We want gotterdammerung. God forgive us, but it is the only solution that we can see. Perhaps another solution can be presented, but so far liberals have only presented more of the same. Given a choice between the status quo and chaos, I choose chaos. Let the whole structure crumble to the ground as long as I see the faces of my faggoty overlords overcome with fear on the way down.

Like I said, I am sure that people can come up with criticisms for the views of men like me but it no longer matters what others think. Our discontent is the future. I do not care what Trump does in office because, anymore, I just want revenge on certain segments of society that have profited from their own weaknesses rather than their ability to cope and to strive. I want to see their heads explode when he wins. If he does not accomplish anything, who cares? None of the others were ever going to do anything for me anyway. And, after all, all I really want is for my sons to be free to do more than function as cogs in the Party machine (see 1984 if you do not understand. I am sure that John and most readers here understand the reference even if they do not agree with me).
1/16/2016 12:47 AM

Robert Paxton's homepage is here.

Anybody can be anything on the Internet, but I can tell you a number of smart, accomplished men with families are getting angry. The folks showing up at Trump rallies are even angrier. We nerds on the Internet hide behind pseudonyms, because our views would get us hounded out of the well-paying jobs we hold to pay mortgages and tuitions. As this 52-year old Experiment approaches its denouement, what is old will be new again, and people will broach these topics as matter-of-factly as they do road repairs:

People are different, and thrive under different systems.
Not everyone is equally educable.
You are what your chromosomes are.
Welfare and foreign aid are dysgenic.
Biological evolution did not stop 100,000 years ago, and occurs from both the neck up as well as the neck down.
Money is not Wealth, and printing more of it does not make us wealthier.

These are matters of fact. Liberalism depends on their not being true. Reality can be held at bay for only so long.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Paradigm shift

The title was going to be, "Don't want a Reich, don't enable a Weimar."

And don't miss Porter's latest: "Bathing In Cologne."

Germans now live under anarcho-tyranny. When your government outlaws protests against foreign invaders who assault your daughters and sisters, consume the public purse and pollute the commons, then it's no longer your government or your laws. Europeans will either submit to the invaders, who are muscle for the governing elite, or they will explode. Let me repeat that penultimate part in case you missed it: the function of the foreign invaders is to serve as muscle for the governing elite against their own people.

The US problem is more genteel, thanks to flexible labor markets and reserve currency status, but the pressure is building. Malcolm Pollack thinks we are entering a phase shift, as the distance between distinctive and incompatible human population groups shrinks.

I haven't heard the late Stephen Covey's phrase "paradigm shift" in a while, but it needs more use. The US is an Enlightenment-era testament to the power of ideology, but as the Anglo-American stock who dreamed up the ideology shrinks to plurality status, we see the Age of Ideas concomitantly follows. Most Occidentals, still drowsily enjoying the long social democratic nap occasioned by their former super-majority status, have no conception of what's coming. They are perplexed and angry, like petulant children, at the adults shaking them and telling them sleep is no longer possible.

Which brings me to this guy:

I'll pull no punches here: Trump is appealing to American whites (and a not insignificant number of American blacks and latinos) whose tribal instinct has been triggered by increasingly hostile public debate, increasingly chaotic and violent public spaces, and economic policies which deliberately seek their impoverishment. Bourgeois conservatives who've managed to price themselves away from such unpleasantness cannot believe the proles are no longer motivated by candidates promising low tax rates and cheap stoop labor.

As pluralistic democracy scales up and up, elections are less about What and How, and more about Who and Whom. The State perceives a threat from the Nation in the candidacy of Donald Trump. New ranks and files are forming. Paradigm shift.