Friday, November 23, 2012

The Stupid Party

From iSteve: GOP announces foolproof plan for winning elections:
House Republicans still smarting from their poor showing among Hispanics in the presidential election are planning a vote next week on immigration legislation that would both expand visas for foreign science and technology students...
QED, Republicans can't even pander to Hispanics correctly since, as Sailer points out, it's not like Silicon Valley and the universities are clamoring for all those Meso-American Ph.D.'s to cash in on their patents and Nobels up here. Of course, as one commenter notes, Congress is doubtless just getting warmed up.

This "natural conservative" bloc of Hispanics voted for Obama at rates of 70% and more (around 60% in Florida, where the Hispanics are more Cuban). I wouldn't count on Hispanics jamming the county offices to register Republican once they hit US soil. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say Republicans will never win the presidency again. They split the white vote by roughly 55-45, everybody else is a Democratic lock, and that's that. Republicans are done as a national party.

(Speaking of which, this quadrennial exercise apparently cost six billion dollars, and if you're a Democrat, the only places you really have to bother campaigning are Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. All that for them? Remind me again why I should vote.)

Now is the time for some serious Republican thinking outside the box, right? Just like all that neo-conservative soul searching after John McCain had his tent packed by 8 p.m. on election night in 2008. True to form, the party's Deep Thinkers have responded by weeping great tears over their failure to prostrate sufficiently before Hispanics and everybody else who never votes for them.

To the extent they remain the "conservative" party (highly doubtful, and definitely not libertarian!--don't even get Lindsey Graham started), Republicans should be giving thought to the war outside electoral politics. The Democrats adopted Gramscian methods early on, and have been incubating Democratic voters and opinion-makers in the academy, government and the clergy since at least the 1950's. Over at Mangan's (where no respectable Republican would be seen), the idea is raised, why not defund the Left?

1. Check rapacious intellectual property law. Big IT, Big Music, Big Publishing, Big Media and Big Hollywood, all anti-conservative and more often than not, anti-American, are subsidized heavily by ridiculous patents, near-perpetual copyright, draconian anti-piracy, etc.

2. Make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy. A thousand gender studies departments expire. Tenured Marxists discover their true value as Starbucks baristas and vet-techs. We'll all be better off.

3. Unbundle Big Cable. MSNBC, the anti-male Lifetime, Oxygen, WE, SyFy and others can chase female viewers on their own merits. For that matter, nationwide wi-fi, so men can free up disposable income to browse their favorite hate-sites.

4. Tax the rich. They are globalist, fund huge, toxic, tax-exempt foundations, and absolutely despise the American middle class.

5. Regulate Wall Street. And the Fed. Open market operations and the primary dealers network are the reason government can rack up trillions of dollars in debt-financing for destructive social engineering schemes. Let Wall Street crumble--you take public monies, you can dance to the public's tune.

Of coure, it won't happen. That would be sharp practice, unfair, not cricket, not Queensbury-rules, kill the economy, hate, whatever.