Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grrl power

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, apparently had a run-in with aboriginal protestors today. The video is here.

Aesthetically, Ms. Gillard is unattractive and awkward, never married and infertile at this point. I presume she got the position based on sheer competence, and it would be considered terribly sexist of me to judge her by any other standard.

The job of Australian prime minister strikes me as pretty posh, but then a mob of Aboriginals starts banging on the windows of the exclusive restaurant where you're speaking. So then Prime Minister Gillard must flee... the arms of a man, of course.

In this picture, you see the dumb bitch has lost her shoe:

I use the term "dumb bitch" advisedly, because that's exactly what would pop into a man's head when the shit is hitting the fan and we have to move NOW only to find that some implement designed for form rather than function is flopping off, slowing the woman down and making her more prone to injury.

This underscores an earlier point of mine: that weaker members of Western society have to rely on predominantly white men with unfashionable attitudes to protect them, or even to help them down some steps.

Obviously we do women a great disservice by forcing them into roles for which they are so manifestly unsuited, like being a riot cop. This is pure gnosticism: that the biological gender differences can be transcended through the force of correct, feminist ideology.

Again, the feminized social democratic elite relies on men with the capacity to do ugly things, and the corresponding reactionary attitudes, to protect them from barbarism. Then they exploit their cocooned existence by demeaning the very men who keep barbarism at bay, mocking their values and blaming them for every social ill.

When such men decide that the current elite are no longer worth the pay to protect them, the job of government official will become a lot less attractive for women like Ms. Gillard. In fact, even with a Roman phalanx of men still around and willing to crack skulls for her sake, she doesn't seem to be enjoying her job very much.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christopher Roach's response to the State of the Union

Real Industry Is Sometimes Dirty


Liberals such as President Obama seem to live in a kind of fantasyland where we can have an economy built exclusively on the “knowledge jobs” like advertising, marketing, law, media, communications, programming iPad apps, consulting, etc. These jobs favor high IQ and not-so-high-IQ but highly credentialed people like the Obamas. They disfavor the working class. For example, Obama has shut down the Keystone pipeline. He has apparently by executive fiat banned all uranium mining on federal lands in northern Arizona. He has sent government money to money-losing enterprises like Solyndra while doing a great deal to hurt the old school, dirty industries of yesteryear like the oil business.

Hidden away from the urban knowledge economy is another world. It hasn’t gone away, but the knowledge class is increasingly ignorant of it. It’s a dirty, dangerous world of combines, mines, factories, sweat, industrial accidents, and tough men. Look around. The fruits of these jobs are everywhere. The plastic in your computer is from the petrochemical industry. The electricity, a result of the confluence of factories and coal mining for the most part. The gasoline that lets you get to work and take weekend roadtrips is the tail end of a long chain that may start at a wellhead in North Dakota or Texas or Nigeria for that matter.

Making these important foundational economic activities more expensive or completely prohibited will not help the country. It will not help the knowledge economy. These things will still get done, but they’ll done by others, overseas...

Like I say, the Left is for "the working man," but only so long as he's working in China or India, not that everybody's clamoring for living- wage, fair-trade iPads. The Left is pro-environment, or more accurately, pro-US national parks and pro-eco tourism in Costa Rica. The fact that now somebody else has to do something with industrial effluent from making stuff for knowledge-working Americans doesn't get a lot of mention. Incidentally, are any young, idealistic Americans aspiring to the STEM degrees that might give them expertise in these areas? Have any of the thousands of NGO's and their clueless volunteers in Haiti ever got to work on a sewage system for the place?

Leftists like Obama seem more about saying the right slogans and feeling the right feelings. They don't have much to offer for the dirty work of actually getting to advanced living standards. Obama makes speeches about everybody being healthy and having a not-too-hard job making disposable income doing...something. And he just assumes with this cargo-cult mentality that regulations and tax dollars will make it so. He doesn't grasp the whole historical process of capital accumulation, risk-taking and competing property rights that get us there, and require markets to sort out, and a net tax-paying sector to fund all his grand schemes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What the Left left behind

Some causes the Left has quietly tiptoed away from:

1. The working class. The split appears to have come to a head with the 1970 Hard Hat Riot in New York. Since then, tax and monetary policy has been manipulated to offshore most blue-collar work, and to "inshore" Third World labor to raise the supply of domestic blue-collar workers.

2. Ethnic nationalism. You really don't see Black Power salutes any more. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gets his own millenium, but Malcolm X is sure as hell not going to get a thirty-foot statue on the Washington Mall. And Orthodox Serbians? Hungarian Catholics? NATO can't wait for an excuse to bomb them into the Stone Age.

3. Environmental advocacy. Here is a fairly typical jeremiad. Note the passive voice, as if deforestation and fauna extinction are just happening in Africa, like an earthquake or tidal wave. I don't hear anybody lecturing China or India on their appalling industrial practices. David Gelbaum's purchase of the Sierra Club is well-documented. National parks in the American Southwest are becoming no-go zones. Mother Jones, Audubon and other environmental groups don't seem to be covering these crucial topics.

4. Anti-war. Low-grade warfare to spread democratic values has been constant since the Clinton administration, and the military is devolving into a gay-friendly, pro-female, affirmative action pageant. (Let me know if you need to see photographic evidence). Fortunately for the Trotskyites (in both the Democratic and Republican parties), straight white males are still there to fly air support and staff the Special Forces and merc outfits.

5. Economic populism. Anybody see ANY Democrats of prominence out there on the pickets with the Occupy movement? Does anybody remember any prominent advocates for the Left arguing against TARP and the other bailouts of 2008--the greatest propping up of asset values and wealth transfer in US history? Apparently, the only objection from liberals like Paul Krugman was that the bankers just didn't become outright government employees. Speaking of which, protecting the collective bargaining privileges of government employees appears to be as far as the Left's economic populism extends.

So if it's not the working class, ethnic nationalism, the environment, war or economic opportunity, what's it going to be? Well obviously, the pivotal and fundamental Issue Of Our Time is the right of the people to engage in sexual deviancy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Memento Mori

Harrison Ford--what the hell?

I rarely watch TV, but for various reasons I was present when the Golden Globe awards were broadcast last night. Harrison Ford was the presenter for best drama. Mr. Ford is 70 years old. I am 48, and watched the great Mr. Ford in Star Wars, Blade Runner and the Indiana Jones movies.

In 2010, he was in production for 'Cowboys and Aliens.' Here is a scene from the final cut and wrap for that film:

The picture at the top of this entry, and the following observations from the linked entry, are of Mr. Ford on January 15, 2012:

Both Indiana Jones and Willie Scott were at the Golden Globes last night. From the look on Harrison Ford's face, I'm assuming there's only a 30 percent chance that he would remember Kate Capshaw. Actually, by the look on Harrison's face, I would bet money that Ewan McGregor could have convinced Ford that they were in "Star Wars" together.
Harrison Ford presented Best Picture Drama and, literally, he could have Tweeted his presentation. Ford said 17 words, which translated into 97 characters. He could have even added a #goldenglobes and a #its420somewhere hashtag.

I have a number of family members at or around Harrison Ford's age, and his speech and manner were what I would expect of a comparatively much older person. In fact, this very weekend my parish hosted the redoubtable Bishop Antoun, and he presided over lengthy services and gave a fiery sermon after the Liturgy, telling us why we needed more attendance at Matins, Vespers and the minor Feasts. Then his Grace attended the banquet in his honor, singing hymns as he walked into the social hall and standing to greet and converse with the numerous people who came to his table during the meal. To all appearances, he will be lecturing us on Orthodox practice for at least the next ten years.

Geriatric symptoms can appear quite suddenly and mercilessly, even in people with a great deal of wealth and resources at their disposal.

Memento mori.