Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some very good questions

From a commenter on this iSteve thread, in response to a loathsome peroration by Tom Friedman.

On Friedman, Iraq and War For Democracy:

At this point these "wars for democracy" are the endgame stage of an intellectually bankrupt totalitarian empire. Thinking people in Iraq ought to be asking some questions by now. What the hell is in store for us?

Here is a list of questions about a possible future of Iraq. But it's a future that is only attainable in the best case scenario (meaning akin to the utopia we experience here in modern America, of course!)

Q: How long until the State of Iraq is reconceptualized not as a sovereign nation but as a commercial component of the future Middle East Union (so-called "economic cooperation zone")?

Q: How long until Iraq's borders are opened to any and all immigrants?

Q: How long until the Iraq government is forced to adopt "free trade" policies and the country is flooded with cheap labor?

Q: How long until the Iraqi taxpayers are saddled with a "federal reserve system" (non-transparent central banking scheme that debases the currency and stealthily skims untold wealth from the national treasury)?

Q: How long until a culture-cracking PC media regime is installed in Iraq nationwide that continually bashes and marginalizes the "nativist" and "bigoted" ethnic Iraqi people?

Q: How long until abortion and birth control are readily available across Iraq?

Q: How long until the Iraq population birthrate crashes far below replacement levels and the media demands mass immigration as a solution to save the natives' social security system?

Q: How long until Iraqi women are protected by special laws and earn more college degrees than Iraqi men and hold the power in divorce court and child custody disputes?

Q: How long until Iraq government surveillance cameras are installed throughout every Iraqi city and town?

Q: How long until the entire Iraq phone system software architecture is controlled by foreign intelligence agency contractor fronts?

Q: How long until Iraqi schools are saturated in slick anti-Iraq propaganda designed to distort and defame Iraq's historical figures, which demoralizes patriots and energizes alien immigrants harboring grudges?

Q: How long until the religion of the vast majority of Iraq citizens is relentlessly ridiculed by politicians, writers, journalists, celebrities and entertainers, and the Islamic crescent is displayed submerged in a glass of urine at big city art museums?

Q: How long until the Iraq Armed Forces are sent off to far corners of the globe to participate in other Wars for Democracy?

Q: In other words, how long until Iraq is transitioned into New World Order police state society - uh, a modern Western-style democracy?

Why does Tom Friedman's supposed great and good "Open Society" never come in for criticism?

Domestically, the Open Society criminalizes consensual acts and provides the most depraved among us with scrupulous subsidies and legal protections. Internationally, the Open Society spends blood and treasure projecting its gnostic gospel into countries that have made clear they want no part of it.

For Heaven's sake, who can blame them?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

White Pride, Worldwide

Miller's win inspires Anglo-Saxon golfers around the world

LOS ANGELES — The morning after Jonathan Miller became the first Anglo-Saxon golfer to win a major championship, Peter Smith was too excited to go to work.

So he grabbed his teenage son, Michael, and headed for the driving range.

The Smiths were hitting balls Monday morning at Majestic Golf Land, a three-story golf center near the city's Anglotown neighborhood.

For Anglo-Saxons, Miller's stunning win — over Tiger Woods, no less — in the PGA Championship was inspiring, even though many are Tiger fans.

"When Tiger wins, England's happy. When an Anglo-Saxon wins, England's happier," Smith said. "It couldn't be any better for us."

The golf world was still abuzz Monday after Miller's astonishing victory. The Anglo-Saxon who grew up on a root-vegetable farm and had frustrated ambitions of being a body builder beat the world's best golfer.

And did he ever do it in style — fending off Tiger with a couple of seriously ice-cold shots. First there was that 60-foot chip for eagle after Woods threatened to make birdie on No. 14.

And on the last hole, clinging to a one-shot lead against the man who had never before lost when he started the final round of a major atop the leaderboard, Miller hit the shot of his life. His 3-iron hybrid cleared a bunker and settled 12 feet away.

Miller finished off the birdie for a championship he — and new fans all over the world — won't forget.

At the urban island of Anglotown, rising green above a busy city center, most of the patrons are Anglo-Saxon. Signs are written in both English and Spanish, and the newspaper boxes at the entrance carry the local Anglo-Saxon dailies.

Some of the golfers said they called home to England and heard about celebrations — not unlike the commotion in 1999 when England's David Howell won the Dubai Desert Classic.

Alfred Brown, an English-born golf pro at the range, said he knew that someday, someone would beat Woods.

"He's not a god," said Brown, 44. "I'm happy the Anglo-Saxon guy beat him."


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Unbearable Whiteness of Ken Burns

A good takedown from Steve Sailer at, and commentary from iSteve.

... which leads me to observe,

The US is a social democratic matriarchy, offering up emasculated weenies like Ken Burns as male role models.

But feminized, cerebral men are an indulgence of civilization, which itself exists only because men like this are willing to defend it against thuggery. And while they're doing that, Ken Burns gets CPB grants to make documentaries that pretend men like them don't exist and never contributed.

In more blunt terms, the US elite is protected by tough men willing to undergo hardship, and the elite take advantage of their cocooned existence to mock and subvert their defenders' values. And it doesn't stop there. The US elite throws up immense barriers to entry, primarily in education costs and other government policies that hamper affordable family formation. (I could go on, because it's a very long list.)

How is such a situation sustainable? When do the defenders tell the elites they're taking their service rifles and all the ammo they can carry, and leaving the elites who despise them to the thugs?

Somewhat related, on which of two kinds of men must weaker members of society rely for protection, or even just to assist them down some steps?

At some point, the guy on the far left has to wonder why the ectomorph in the foreground gets the lion's share of the take.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sign of the times

From my local parish's bulletin:
Attention single, divorced, and widowed individuals between the ages of 38-55: if you are interested in forming a “single Orthodox Christians Group,” please email your contact information to: __________________. Please state whether you would be willing to help with the organization of such a group or if you would be interested in being a member, and please also mention what kind of activities you would like the group to organize. If there is a sufficient response, the first meeting will be either in August or September.

Thus the post-modern West forges ahead with the radical social experiment of creating large cohorts of single people in their 40's and 50's. And QED, membership in an ancient and pro-family spiritual tradition is no guarantee you won't participate.

We are only about the second generation into this, and from personal experience I can say that nobody knows what to tell newly single, middle-aged people to do, just like we don't teach our children what to do if they're hit by a car. Rather, we teach them to avoid cars.

The desire to socialize individuals in this cohort is a good one, because the usual aftermath when the financial and social atomic bomb of divorce goes off is some form of domestic exile. On the other hand, a social dynamic with intense pair-selection pressures is one in which most of us have not found ourselves for twenty or more years, and perforce one from which children will not result. Like I say, you don't get a lot of advice on middle-aged mating rituals.

Speaking of social experiments without precedent in human history, we await the results of two others: 1) putting men and women in head-to-head economic competition with each other; and 2) moving large numbers of people across national borders as a matter of deliberate policy.

The 20th Century sure was an innovative one.