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The Great War, 2018

The Middle East and Syria right now. (Via Marginal Revolution.)

Tyler Cowen sees uncomfortable paralells with World War I. The more I've thought about it, the more I think he's right, in the sense of smaller power-tails wagging greater power-dogs into a war nobody really wants (perhaps I'm being too charitable) but nobody can figure out how to avoid.

Here's a map of domestic and foreign military installations in Syria.

Here are the areas of control.

Here's where the oil is.

Not a lot, but enough to provide a real shot in the arm to a Greater Kurdistan. By the way, every Syrian I've ever met despises the Kurds. The French and the British gave them the place, the French and the British didn't carve out a Kurdistan, and the Syrians remember the boundaries of Greater Syria even if you don't. The Turks have no interest in a landlocked Kurdistan with oil either.

Israel has apparently launched its own strikes, and here is where things could get problematic.


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